How we can help

We are here to help you promote yourself and your business to ensure your target audience know about you, what you do, and how it benefits them – crucial to increasing awareness of your products and services and thus increasing sales.

In your competitive market you may find the day-to-day running of the business so time-consuming that you never get round to reviewing the market place and developing a structured marketing approach to maximise future growth. You probably have lots of great ideas, but do other work pressures stop them from actually happening?

If you’ve considered approaching an agency or consultant to help you, you’ve probably been shocked by the cost or worried that you might be getting rather more ‘advice’ than ‘action’.

Imagine only paying for marketing when you need it?

It’s not a dream … it is real service we can offer you today.

Our freelance marketing services can accelerate the rate at which you grow but keep your marketing cost in check. We look at your market, provide a workable plan and, if you want, help implement it. Unlike a consultant who offers guidance and advice on particular areas of expertise, our marketing services offer you a much more hands-on service and the flexibility for ‘task specific’ help, just when you need it. And unlike an employee or an agency you only pay for the marketing when you need it.

We plan creative use of low budgets to achieve your goal and have tried and tested methods that work.